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Name Origin S

Parameter When Comments
a AUTOCONNECT KineIRCd Y Follow the autoconnect rules - When set on, the server should follow autoconnect parameters given in the configuration file to maintain its connection to the network.
A AUTO_TBS KineIRCd Y Automatically switch bone/tendril links. This is used in association with server to server protocols which have redundant links to specify whether or not the server should be actively monitoring links to see if a better 'bone' can be selected. When on, this gives the server the right to switch bone connections around to benefit the network.
D DEBUGGING KineIRCd Y Turns debugging on (if available), or shows a server which is in debugging mode.
F FULL KineIRCd Y Y A server turns toggles this depending on its 'fullness'. If the server is full, either no more file descriptors are left, or all connection classes are full, then this is a warning to other servers not to redirect clients to it.
h HUB ircu Y Y ircu2.10.11.04 Indicates the server is a hub. In ircu, this also hides the server from users.
H HIDDEN KineIRCd Y When set, the server should be completely hidden to users. This is different to masking the server's name. This allows for invisible hubs, or invisible servers which host network services, etc.
l LAZY_LEAF KineIRCd Y Server should consider itself a lazy leaf link to the network. This means only one connection can be made to the server, and it runs on lazy principles. The idea for lazy leafs comes from Hybrid.
L DEFAULT_LANGUAGE KineIRCd Y <language code> Marks the given language code as the 'default' language for that server. Language codes are that prescribed by BCP-0047, and only one can be set at a time.
M MODES_LOCKED KineIRCd Y The server modes are locked, and can only be changed by other servers. This is useful when servers shouldn't not be touched by operators. Arbiters/U:lines servers can still change modes (i.e. to remove this mode!)
n NO_OPER KineIRCd Y When set, the OPER command is rendered useless
s SERVICE ircu Y Y ircu2.10.11.04 When set, the server is a 'service' (as in, it only provides services). In ircu, this also hides the server from users.
T TESTLINK KineIRCd Y Mark the server as being under a 'testlink' period. Many networks give new servers a testing period to give both the server administrator, and the network, time to evaluate whether or not the server will be able to remain permanent. Depending on network policy, testlink server administrators may have restricted rights, such as not being able to send global messages. This flag aids to enforce those policies.

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