Red denotes a conflicting definition, gray for depreciated (however quite possibly still in use), and blue for OK.

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Name M
Origin Comments
+ VOICED v RFC1459 Channel member is voiced. They can speak while the channel is being moderated. Some implementations also allow them to speak when barred from access to the channel for some reason (such as being banned)
% HALF_OPERATOR h Hybrid User is a channel half-operator, that is they have 'half' the access of a full operator. Half-ops can kick unopped users, voiced users, set channel modes including +v, but not kick ops or deop ops. This leads to greater security on channels.
@ OPERATOR o RFC1459 User is a channel operator. They can kick users, change modes, set other users to operator (or lower) status, etc.
@ CREATOR O RFC2811 The user created the channel, but only used for '!' channels according to the RFC.
! SERVICE ! KineIRCd This is given only by servers or services. It should always be the highest ranking membership type in the channel, and denotes that the user with the membership status is a service. The intended use for this was to mark out which channel member is an official channel service, however other applications are also available.
. FOUNDER u tr-ircd This is given to users when they are given 'founder' status on a channel, and should have a rank higher than a normal operator.

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